The birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing which can only mean one thing, the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program is starting!


Providing eligible seniors with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets. 

Applications are available now:

English Application


You may also pick one up from your nearest senior center beginning April 20th.


Who's eligible for $40 worth of checks?


Age 60+ for non-Native Americans

Age 55+ for Native Americans


Low Income

  • Up to $1,872 per month for 1 person 
  • Up to $2,538 per month for 2 people 
  • For larger households, add $666 per person

Funds are limited so a random selection process is used to select recipients.


Your completed application must be postmarked by May 18th  to be eligible. Mailing instructions will be included on the application form.


All applicants will receive notification of their status by June 22nd.


View Frequently Asked Questions here.







Author: Leah Hammon, Registered Dietitian, Homage Senior Services

Ah the holiday season – a thymfor friends, family, food, feasts and of course, temptation.  No matter what holiday is being celerybrated, many people observe food-centric traditions that help distinguish their holiday experiences.  And while holiday foods are familiar and nostalgic, they do not always facilitate healthy dietary choices.  Such dishes often tend to be heavy, fatty, sugary and over-a-salted.  So for many of us, the holidays can also inadvertently signify a thyme of indulgence and excess. 


Fortunately, it is possible to create dineamic, lighter versions of comfort foods without sacrificing flavor or tradition. 


One way to mitigate the temptation of heavier fare is by developing flavors in dishes through the utilization of herbs and spices.  In fact, many traditional holiday dishes already include culinary spices and herbs such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, anise, allspice, cardamom, sage and garlic. 


These sublime ingredients stimulate appetite, satisfy taste and add layers of depth to dishes.  Cooking with herbs and spices also reduce the need for excess salt, sugar and fat – ingredients typically used to enhance flavor.  In addition to making foods taste good, herbs and spices have long been used for their health promoting properties due to the vast array of phytonutrients they contain.


Phytonutrients, which are naturally-occurring plant chemicals, may provide significant health benefits for humans when consumed.  They are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – helping to protect cells from unstable molecules in the body known as free radicals and inflammation. 


In fact, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, consuming phytonutrients to be an “effective strategy” for decreasing the risks of cancer and heart disease.  Although scientists do no compleatly understand the specific mechanisms of how phytonutrients work, research indicates that people should consume plant-based foods, such as spices and herbs, to reap their potential health benefits.


The following “Holiday” spices and herbs are loaded with phytonutrients and show grate promise for therapeutic use in health promotion and disease prevention and management:

Cinnamon - Probably the most recognizable of the holiday spices, cinnamon is harvested from the bark of evergreen trees within the genus Cinnamomum.  Cinnamon contains an antioxidant component, and has long been studied for its anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antidiabetic effects.  Current available research suggests that cinnamon may play a roll in lowering fasting blood glucose levels according to a 2013 meta-analysis review of multiple scientific studies. Additionally, cinnamon may have a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  Cinnamon is incredibly versatile and can be featured in stews and soups, baked fruits, whole grain salads with barely, couscous, or quinoa, breakfast entrees or mixed into coffee, milk or yogurt. 


Nutmeg – Is another spice cinnanomous with the Holidays. Nutmeg, whether ground or whole, possesses antioxidant and antimicrobial qualities, and includes the phytonutrients beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin.  Nutmeg can be utilized in variety of dishes including winter squash, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, fresh and baked fruits, drinks and desserts of course.  Using nutmeg in desserts (as with cinnamon) may allow you to reduce the amount of sugar needed in a recipe due to the natural sweetness it provides.


Ginger – Bread anyone?  Ginger, with its roots in Asian and Indian herbal medicine, has been used to treat gastric upset and aid in digestion for thousands of years.  A known anti-inflammatory, ginger contains hundreds of plant compounds which may contribute to its health promoting properties.  Ginger makes an eggcellent, antioxidant-packed addition to those holiday sweet potato sides.  Ground or fresh, ginger adds subtle spiciness to sautéed vegetables, salad dressings, marinades and desserts.


Clove – Ground clove pears well with cinnamon or ginger and can be incorporated in applesauce, stewed or baked pears, oatmeal or whole grain pancakes and breads.  Clove is an antioxidant powerhouse considering that ½ teaspoon of ground clove contain more antioxidants than ½ cup of fresh blueberries.


Sage – A member of the mint family, sage is used in herbal medicine to promote circulation and treat digestive problems.  Sage exhibits antioxidant and antimicrobial qualities, and may have positive, cognitive benefits.  Sage is strongly aromatic and slightly bitter and makes a great addition to pastas, stuffings, chicken, veal, pork and sausage.  It also combines well with cured meats.

The holidays do not have to be an exercise in excess.  Smart ingredients and sensible portion sizes can elevate your culinary holiday experience and keep thyme-honored traditions delicious and nutritious.  At the very yeast, a sprinkling of spices and herbs can impart flavor to foods without additional fat, sugar or sodium.  So keep calm and curry on, and remember, you herb it here first.

Many of us are lucky enough to be with family and friends over the holidays but for some, it’s a difficult time of year.

For homebound seniors, days like Thanksgiving can be really hard. What should be a celebration of family, friends and good food can be a vivid reminder of their hunger for both food and friendship.

Here in Snohomish County, volunteers literally transform this lonely day into a celebration of gratitude.

Thanks to support from the community, Homage has been able to purchase and deliver meals to more than 300 seniors and people with disabilities on Thanksgiving morning for the last eight years.

The day before Thanksgiving, 20 volunteers arrived at the Carl Gibson Senior Center in downtown Everett to prep and package turkey, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, salad, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

The next morning another round of volunteers arrived at the center to get everything ready for the deliveries. By 10am, 60 more volunteers lined up out the door, ready and eager to make their Thanksgiving deliveries.

Every volunteer was given a certain number of meals and a map. They hit the streets and within a few hours, all 300+ of our clients were greeted with warm meals, smiling faces and friendly conversation.

Many people volunteer at this event year after year turning it into a family tradition that truly makes a difference for countless Snohomish County residents.

 “I enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner provided for me. Thank you to all the hardworking people who made it possible.”

Visit our Facebook page to see more videos and pictures from the event.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our participants and to the greater Snohomish community for your generosity and support.

If you are interested in being on the list for volunteering next year, please contact Nicole Warren, Volunteer Manager at (425) 740-3787 or email

If you would like to make a difference for older adults and people with disabilities this holiday season, please visit our website at


We have exciting news for you! 

For the tenth year running, the Meals on Wheels network is participating in the Subaru Share the Love Event to help seniors like Wilma, stay healthy and independent.

At 73 years old, Wilma had no food in her pantry or fridge and was about to be evicted.

Thanks to Homage’s Meals on Wheels Program, Wilma now receives nutritious meals, and was connected with other Homage Senior Services resources that helped her find affordable living.

You can make a difference for fellow Snohomish County neighbors like Wilma, by “sharing the love” today.

Here’s How it Works:

From November 16, 2017, through January 2, 2018, for every new Subaru vehicle leased or sold, Subaru will donate $250 to the customer’s choice of participating charities.

Meals on Wheels America is one of four national participating charities and has been since the inception of the event. Through this campaign, as a Member of Meals on Wheels America, Homage will receive a share of the revenue earned in Washington.

Not looking to buy a new car?

You can still “share the love” by spreading the word to family and friends. You can also follow us on social media to like and share any Share the Love posts you see.

In the past nine years, Subaru of America has donated over $12 million to Meals on Wheels through the United States—that’s equivalent of more than 1.7 million meals to seniors!

Save the Date! 

On Thursday, December 21 from 12-2pm, Homage will be at the local Roy Robinson Subaru dealership in Marysville to talk about the Subaru Share the Love Event and Meals on Wheels! Swing by our booth to say hi and join us in "sharing the love" to help countless seniors this holiday season.



Linda Whitesell, a longtime volunteer driver for our Meals on Wheels program which provides nutritious meals to homebound older adults and people with disabilities, is challenging the community members of Snohomish County to a match off!

While making stops along her Meals on Wheels route, Linda noticed the importance of another Homage program, Minor Home Repair. Our Home Repair team completes essential in-home repairs for older adults and people with disabilities so they can remain independent in their home for longer. Unfortunately, the program’s budget was cut by 33 percent this year and faces a growing waitlist of over 230 requests with many people being turned away due to lack of government funding.

The Whitesell family has decided to offer a $5,000 gift with the stipulation it be matched dollar for dollar from other donors within the community. They hope that by asking for a match and sharing their story, more proceeds will be raised to support the Minor Home Repair program.

“Private donations will fill the gap and allow us to continue serving our low income seniors and disabled homeowners who’ve been waiting for months for help,” said Alison Barnes, Lead Minor Home Repair Program Assistant.

Donations can be submitted online at or by sending cash or check to Homage Senior Services at 11627 Airport Rd., Suite B, Everett, WA 98204-8714.


Donors must specify their gift is for the Whitesell Match and all donations must be submitted by December 31, 2017.

For more information, please contact Christina Mychajliw ­­at 425-265-2294.




Our Living Well workshops help people struggling with chronic conditions live a better life. You will learn ways to cope with illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, chronic pain, arthritis, and high blood pressure.  Classes are free but you must pre-register.  Learn more. 

Workshops available this fall:  

Edmonds Senior Center          Chronic Conditions    Mondays     Sep 11-Oct 16     9:30am-12:00pm

Alpine Ridge East-Lynnwood  Chronic Conditions    Tuesdays    Sep 12-Oct 17     1:00pm-3:30pm

The Village at Granite Falls     Chronic Pain              Mondays    Sep 18-Oct 23    10:00am-12:30pm

Meadows 1-Everett                 Chronic Pain              Mondays     Oct 23-Nov 27      1:00pm-3:30pm


Saturday September 9 Homage Senior Services will host a booth at this year's "Fair on 44th" in Lynnwood!  Stop by and learn how to read a nutrition label, make a stress ball or sign up to vote. Fair hours are 10am to 2pm.


This is an invitation to community members living with memory loss, their loved ones and allies to walk in the July 4th parade in Edmonds. The parade starts at 12:00 PM; the route is a mile long and takes approximately 30 minutes.

SnoMentia is a Snohomish County grassroots movement empowering people with memory loss and their loved ones to remain connected and active in the community.

Please contact Gillian Jones with any questions and to RSVP at

Hope to see you there!

For more information click here




Our Commitment to success:




Senior Services of Snohomish County has developed a strategy to enhance our image, perception, and success as a quality, preferred community brand. We want to provide a distinctive, truly one-of-a-kind experience. Senior Services of Snohomish County will soon be known as Homage (Senior Services). In the coming months you will see a refresh of our brand and logo. Our over 40 year commitment to you, to our programs, and to our partners remains steadfast. We want to create a brand identity that engages our clients and the community on an emotional and functional level. Our Promise to you is reflected in our new tagline of “well-being as we age.”

So what does Homage mean?Homage is defined as respect, reverence or acknowledgement of the worth of another person. It is a bold change intended to get attention, reflect values around honoring and respecting those we serve, and invite the community in with shared values of compassion and caring for others embedded in the last line of the Promise statement “It’s a Way of Life”.

The home (hom) relates to the desire of people to stay in their own home, peace of mind, aging (age) relates to the life’s journey as we age. Home-age, Homage.

Our mission statement remains the same. “To promote independence, preserve dignity, and enhance the quality of life through the provision of services for older adults and people with disabilities.” Whether you are a client, donor, volunteer, advocate, service provider, community member or staff we want you to experience our promise and feel connected to the new brand.

We will continue to provide our community with the programs and services that are so vital to the health and well-being of every senior and person living with a disability. Programs that support Wellness, Minor Home Repair, Transportation, Social Services, and Nutrition will remain a primary focus as we deliver on our brand Promise as Homage Senior Services.


Well-being in life’s journey as we age

Improving lives and community… one person at a time

Respect, love, peace of mind and caring help when you need it

“It’s a way of life”


“Senior Services of Snohomish County is taking a bold step forward in addressing the needs of our county’s, and our nation’s, fastest growing population. Their review of the challenges and opportunities ahead for both honoring and supporting individuals as they mature serves as a strong foundation for charting a course for the future. I applaud Senior Services in this timely and important effort.” (Mary Jane Brell Vujovic, Director Snohomish County Human Services Department)


I have a passion for giving back to those who have given so greatly to all of us. The beauty of providing services that give peace of mind, independence, and respect to seniors and people with disabilities is that we all thrive as a community.” (Julie Bogue-Garza SSSC, HR Consultant and Board VP)


How we developed the new brand:

We hired a national expert in Brand Strategy, Duane Knapp (BrandStrategy, Inc.) We conducted an extensive survey including staff, clients, donors and community leaders. A brand team was formed including board members, management staff and community leaders. All of those comments and perceptions from the surveys were used in alignment with the mission statement to develop the Brand Promise. The Promise words and embedded values inspired a new brand name and graphic. Professional market research was conducted to test public perception of the brand name. It was overwhelming positive. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the new brand.

Stay tuned for more updates as they develop and keep a watchful eye out for the new Homage Senior Services brand in the coming months.




If you have a desire to help others and enjoy driving, you may be just the right person for us!  We are hiring drivers for our DART program, funded by Community Transit. Full-time and part-time opportunities are available to provide safe and reliable transportation for frail, elderly, disabled and/or vulnerable adults.   Commercial Licensed (A,B,C) drivers with Passenger Endorsements are encouraged to apply, but if you don’t have these credentials, don’t worry.  WE will PAY YOU to TRAIN while you learn the skills required for this type of license.  Earn up to $1,000hiring bonus and enjoy competitive wages and great benefits.  Pay is union scale, starts at $13.48 per hour and increases to $16.31 per hour at six months.  

This position is considered safety sensitive under the U.S. Department of Transportation and is subject to drug and alcohol testing under both DOT and Senior Services of Snohomish County authority; this position must pass physical examination and drug/alcohol testing, as well as a criminal history.  For further information including job requirements and to apply on-line go to

Senior Services of Snohomish County is an Equal Opportunity Employer